Jungle Jex makes sales on his album after begging promoters for support


Raggea Dancehall artist Jungle Jex finally makes thousands from his album “After tow years” which has just been released recently. The singer who went on to beg music promoters for their support has hence seen fruits to his labour.

Jungle Jex has made about 350K from this album according to records he posted on his social media platforms. With his workmate and friend Prosper buying the album at 250K.

As well as Mighty Mukuru Wanderers defender Lucky Malata grabbed his copy at 100K. Some others have also made purchases to the project at prices he couldn’t disclose.

Jungle Jex has been silent in the music circles for the past 2 years. Hence the title, That the album carries. With songs like “Ndakumana Naye”. And many others the singer has put together a body of work that perfect and enjoyable.

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