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Joe Kellz apologizes to the Mtebete family for revising ‘Khujipereka’ without consent.

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Joe Kellz
Joe Kellz

Kellz ” We have settled the matter”

As the country is mourning the death of one of the greatest musicians of all time Wambari Mtebeti Mkandawire renown singer Joe Kellz dropped a Chichewa Version of his single ‘Khujipereka’.

Further research Shows that Joe Kellz dropped the single without consulting the ‘Mtebeti’ family which is contrary to the copyright laws of the Malawi. A move that brought him into conflict with the Copyright Association of Malawi (COSOMA) which advised him to put a stop to the circulation of this single.

In his statement Joe Kellz apologized to the Wambali family for his actions saying the single was released without following proper protocols. Joe Kellz also promised the society that he will make sure to keep the single away from listeners.

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Meanwhile Joe has come out in public saying that the issue in now settled, in his latest Facebook post the singer said.

“Me and my team have managed to go through the right protocols to release the tribute to the great Wambali, we are very thankful to the management team for understanding and forgiving our previous hasty actions”.

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