Ibrahim Suwedi denies fatherhood to his alleged son saying DNA Test can’t confirm.


Malawi’s public Figure Ibrahim Suwedi known for expensive cars in Lilongwe. Has come forward to deny fatherhood to his alleged son.

The son who is born to a women known as Angels is currently declared fatherless. This comes as the father took to social media his DNA test results to support his assumption that “he is not the biological father to Angela’s son”.

Suwedi as he puts it in his statement, has for so long lived in doubts. Considering the fact that Angela was also known for sleeping with Charles Khombeni from area 25 Lilongwe.

He says after a year since their relationship dissolved. Angela came telling him that she only wanted a child from him. Suwedi Says Angela made all the necessary moves so that he falls into the trap. Which happened and Suwedi slept with Angela.

Angela and his Son

12 days from then Angela told Suwedi that she was now pregnant. This for him, was really doubtful. And also he further says after asking her about Khombeni her response was “Ndimangomudyela” meaning she was only dating him for his money.

Now its when he came with the idea to go for DNA test. Which results proved that Suwedi is not a biological father to Angela’s son.

Suwedi also accused Angela of sleeping with Mr Mpinganjira, whom we are not sure as to which Mpinganjira. Since they are many Mpinganjira’s in Malawi.

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