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Different opinions Gwamba’s Unatha music video

by Brian Mtimaukanena

They have a downpour of opinions on Gwamba’s “Unatha” music video. Some saying its sexually explicit. While others saying its okay. Duncan Zyambo popularly known as Gwamba has dropped a new music video just a few hours ago.

He has shared it using his YouTube channel and used the sentiments below to describe it.

“I am happy to share with you the much awaited, classic video of Gwamba’s great single, ‘Unatha’. As you watch and enjoy the video, don’t forget the message in the song: If you are young, use your energy in spreading the gospel—there is a greater joy.”

The video is currently available on YouTube, you can as well watch is below.



Currently 4,681 individuals have already viewed it. This has brought mixed reaction from individuals and music lovers, while some are busy applauding the work done. Some can’t hide their anger to what they described as a disgrace to the name of the Lord.

One YouTube user put a comment to this video saying it is sexually explicit to be associated with Gospel.

“Preaching Gospel and showing seduction images really?”

A YouTube user has posed this question and he happens to have a good number of individuals agreeing with him.

The anger didn’t stop there, here is another comment by another YouTube user “

“This song is Trash. Is it even Gospel???? The video is all about nudity and senseless message throughout. Just realized that these people are taking God for granted!!”

Another one went on

“i just came here to press the dislike button for this rubbish so called Gospel , just nudity and senseless message throughout …i give you 0 out of 100 .. brother”

The reactions from the other side had no feelings attached. Instead was there to clarify that the visuals are in line with the massage at hand.

“You probably didn’t understand the message. He is talking to his old self on the phone. The other visuals reveal his old lifestyle.” This is another comment out of the 34 available as of now. Giving response to the negativity expressed. so the argument is hot at the moment.

Despite the negativity some positive energy has come in as some people are asking for the subtitle version of the video. So that they can easily understand the massage being shared in the song

A couple of music lovers on Facebook also expressed their feelings as to how great the song is,
Among them is.

Gwamba is currently under Major1records. Besides his decision to stepping into the gospel world. The guy has faced a lot of criticism.

Which he, personally is aware of. In fact he wouldn’t sit silent about it. In his single ‘Unatha’ he is expressing himself as a subject. Where his friends are expecting him to do as he used to, in the past.

The award winning hip hop Gospel artist, has added “Unatha’ to his long list of hit songs. Which includes Better, Alleluya, Mr Yesu, Mbama and Nthawi zanji. The single is said to be from his second album called “Mama said God first’ which will be out on 29th of September.

Unatha‘ audio has dropped few weeks ago enjoying airplay. Now the video is here directed by Malawi’s own Sukez.

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