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[Download now] Covid 19 inspires Neil Nayar’s new single

by Harold Kapindu

Musician Neil Nayar has seazed the Covid 19 moment by releasing a song which relates to the epidemic currently rocking the world.

Scheduled to drop on Tuesday, “Almost Revolution” is a song which emphasizes on the need to learn from the past and know how to move forward.

“I wrote the song for my dad who was struggling with alcohol at the time. It was soon after my parents’ divorce.

“But, today in the world with Coronavirus taking over, I felt I should finally record and release the song, as it also speaks about what is happening in the world today. Even in Malawi.

Covid 19 inspired single cover artwork

Covid 19 inspired single cover artwork

“The point is that the world is always changing although change is never easy. We all know that. We should learn from the past and know how to move forward,” Nayar says.

In the song, Nayar sings,

“Times are changing
That’s nothing new
History’s for learning
What we got to do.

“But still we sing our
Same old song
Never learning from
Where it all went wrong.”

Nayar’s last solo track was recorded and released in 2016.



Nayar came to Malawi in November 2012, trying to ‘escape’ from his old life as an artist in the UK.

“I didn’t want to quit music, which is why I became a volunteer at Music Crossroads Malawi. But I decided at that point that I no longer wanted to pursue a career as a musician. I wanted to stay involved in music but not be a musician,” he added.

He then opened Grittah’s Camp arts venue whereby offering a platform for young artists.

In 2017, Nayar managed to get Madalitso Band to travel and perform at a festival in Zanzibar.

In 2018/2019, Nayar took Madalitso Band on a Europe Tour.


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