Black Isco Releases 5th Album – “Masters of Our Fate”


Alkemi is hereby announcing the release of “Masters of Our Fate” album by Black Isco.

“Masters of Our Fate” is the 5th album done by Blantyre based Hip Hop lyricist, Black Isco whose real name is Francis Chanthunya.

He narrates, “Masters of Our Fate is my 5th album, the first one I have fully produced on my own with no outside producers and no features so it’s 100% me. It’s also the first album I’ve made with zero curse words.

“Rap music tends to get a bad reputation because of things like cussing or promoting lewd behaviour so I wanted to make something that was void of those things.”

According Black Isco, the new album defines who he is, adding it is probably the most reflective in his discography so far.

“The song “Sugar is a Drug” is about avoiding overindulgence. Songs like “My People” and “White Wine” are about striving to create a better community and better friendships with your loved ones.

“Songs like “Breathe”, “All Good” and “A Way Out” are a look at the country and the corruption involved at different levels of governance,” he adds.

He was quick to point out that this was his first album he has written in his 30s and he was thinking about life at this age.

Black Isco’s other albums are “Lingua Franca”, “No More Excuses”, “Carpe Noctem” and “The Service Kit”.

“Masters of Our Fate” is on sale at K8,000 on WhatsApp.

It is also available to stream on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal and other streaming platforms.

Francis Chanthunya, better known as Black Isco is also a producer, writer and entrepreneur.

Issued by Harold Kapindu on behalf of Alkemi Ltd

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