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Tikonzekere Arts Contests Semifinals slated for 17 – 18 August

by Brian Mtimaukanena

With entries received from all over the country, from Mzuzu down to Mulanje and all points in between, the Tikonzekere Arts Contests Semifinals finally takes place this weekend at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Mandala, Blantyre.

The two day free of charge showdown is scheduled from 17 to 18 August 2018.

“The semi-finals events of the Tikonzekere Arts Contests: Communicating Flood Vulnerability Reduction Good Practices through Arts in Malawi are free to all. And   everyone is encouraged to come and participate in discussions about the messages on how to reduce problems during and after floods and heavy rains.”
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Of course, the highlight will be the presentations and judging of the semi-finalist contest entries themselves – and the announcement of the three finalists in each contest category,” said one of the organizers Dr Bob Alexander also known as Barefoot Bob.

On Saturday 17 August there will be a semi-finals event for the contest categories of songwriting (10 semi-finalist performances of their songs), drawing and two-dimensional visual arts (9 semi-finalist introductions and explanations of their art), and short video (6 semi-finalist introductions and showings of their videos).

While Sunday 18 August will be the semi-finals event for the contest categories of poetry (13 semi-finalist readings of their poems) and storytelling (10 semi-finalist readings of their stories).

According to Dr Alexander, the semi-finals events will result in three finalists being selected in each contest category.

“These three are each guaranteed prize money and work with the contest organizers to make a professional quality product out of their entry that can be used by them and all contest partners to help spread these important messages about what we can do to reduce these flood-related problems,” he said.

In addition to judges from DoDMA for the messages conveyed and UNDP for the communication effectiveness of entries, artistic technical quality is being judged for songwriting by Wyndham Chechamba, poetry by Madalitso Nyambo, storytelling by the team at Story Ink Africa team, video by Shemu Joya, and drawing and two-dimensional visual arts by Elson Kambalu.

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