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Reginae Carter owns a house at 20

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Reginae carter making enough money for herself at an early age

It’s all Joy as Reginae Carter announced of her owning a house at 20. Reginae reviewed this through instagram. The daughter to world’s top rapper Lil Wayne celebrates her making enough money at an early age to support a house.
After she admitted to creeping on her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci at Trouble’s crazy Cucumber Party, Reginae Carter has been bubbling a little stronger than previously in the year.

Lil Wayne and Toya Wright’s daughter has become a celebrity in her own right. She is continually making an impact for herself in reality television and building a very big social following. Reginae has made a brand for herself as a good girl before she bumped at Atlanta poor festivities she had no bad vibes in her realm. According to hnhh

“Today is a big day for me! At the age of 20 years old, I just got the keys to my own house,” revealed the entertainer. “I’m a homeowner now so blessed and thankful! This process was the most tedious process I’ve ever had to be apart of in my life lol but I’m so glad it’s finally over.” she posted earlier this week.

She really freaked out and that’s understandable. Because at 20-yrs-old she becomes the first time house owner. She gave us a glimpse of her new house on instagram which is adorable.

Reginae Carter unexpected visit at Cucumber pool party.

Reginae with boyfriend Lucc

Reginae with boyfriend Lucc

Over the weekend, that’s last weekend Reginae got herself in trouble at the pool party which was hosted by Trouble. The party had a special Cucumber theme. There was a little surprise to see Reginae at the party. And she later took to twitter to explain the reason she made herself available at the party.

“I went to the party to spy on ray(lucci). Females, don’t act like you never did it,” wrote the star. “But when I heard about the cucumber activities, I left. Tbh, I’ve made myself look like a fool for this man and I apologize for allowing you guys to see it. I’m young and still learning. Unfortunately, every move I make is publicized. I can’t control it. Imma try to be more private for now on. It’s hard because I’ve always been so open and honest. But I gotta learn how to deal with my problems alone and in private.” She said.

Earlier this year Nae made a point over the viral Cucumber challenge. Saying that it was degrading and she didn’t agree with anybody doing it.

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