Home Lifestyle Billie Eilish ‘s Net worth estimated at $25M — Crazy sum for an 18 year old teenager.

Billie Eilish ‘s Net worth estimated at $25M — Crazy sum for an 18 year old teenager.

by Brian Mtimaukanena


According to RIAA, Billie has made $40 million in digital singles—even more than Cardi B, Sam Smith, and your college boyfriend’s favorite band The Chainsmokers. On that note, join me in listening to “Bad Guy” for the millionth time.

While some of us are out here paying back our student loan debt, Billie Eilish is busy being a multimillionaire at age 18. Between her Grammy-winning songs, a legitimately insane deal with Apple, and some cool merch that I’ll probably spend my paycheck on later, sigh, Billie is on her way to being one of the wealthiest celebs lurking around Hollywood. Here’s a breakdown of her net worth, don’t tell your bank account.

Billie Eilish Puzzle

Pretty sure I’d have to pay Apple to let me make a documentary about my life, so congrats to Billie. APPLE PAID $25 MILLION FOR A DOC ABOUT HER LIFE

Billie is here making herself a Millionaire from endorsement deals. She owns a line of Merchanise and Apple paid her about $25M to make a documentary of her own life.

Her total net worthy is considered to be,

That’d be $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. If you’re currently confused considering she made $50 million in one year—don’t forget about how high Billie’s taxes must be and how high her expenses presumably are.

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