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COSOMA engages APMC on electronic system for royalties distribution

by Harold Kapindu

COSOMA has partnered with APMC on a newly introduced automated music content monitoring system for distribution of royalties according to songs played the most on radio stations.

Speaking in an interview, COSOMA official Shadrick Kumtengo assured the new system’s efficiency and accuracy.

“We believe the system will bring about efficiency and accuracy on how much the songs have been airplayed on a radio. You are aware the current system needs human intervention by filling in the hardcopy logsheets.

“These manual logsheets have many challenges like skipping some songs. However, it is also an accepted tool for data collection,” Kumtengo narrated.

He further added that both systems, monitoring and manual logsheets shall be used concurrently until COSOMA is satisfied that the electronic monitoring system can stand on its own.

APMC Business Executive Isaac Chingota disclosed that the technology used will remotely identify songs and produce a report.

“The report will be used by COSOMA to distribute royalties according to the songs that have been played the most in radios. Artists need to get their song fingerprinted so that the songs can be identified when played on radio.

“Fingerprint is a unique identity number that the system assigns to the songs so that they can be identified when played,” Chingota explained.

He stressed that the system will be done centrally at APMC where there is a listening station for recording and producing reports.

“Provided those songs are in the database so it is imperative that the artists should make sure their songs are in the database. They can do this by contacting APMC and having their songs fingerprinted.

“This will help artist because it will help solve the problem where artists will be able to verify real-time reports on when their song was played in relation to the royalties they get,” he advised.

The fingerprinting fees are K1,000 per song and K5,000 per 10 track album.

The system will start monitoring 10 radio stations from 1 July, 2020.

The 10 radio stations include MBC Radio 1 and 2, ZBS, Times, MIJ, YONECO, Capital Radio, CAN, PL Radio and Timveni.

In his remarks, Radio presenter and award winning musician Innocent Chitimbe welcomed the development, citing that radio DJs will no longer have to manually fill COSOMA forms after playing a song.

“Most times radio presenters forget to fill the forms. This will ease the paper work,” said the 2017 Nyasa Music Awards Best Traditional Artist, Chitimbe.

Under the slogan, “Waluso Akolole”, Production and Marketing Cooperative (APMC) is a cooperative of arts associations. It’s main mission is to ensure artists make economic gains from their works.

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