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Introducing Hazel Nyaluso to 265 ENT MAG as food, health and wellness Blogger

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Hazel — Our new food blogger


Hazel Nyaluso  is a self taught Chef, recipe developer as well as blogger. Hazel owns a brand called hooked by Hazel “I love all things food” she said it.

“I love food, I love the joy it gives people, how it brings people together, people from all over the world can sit together and enjoy food and just have a good time.
I love hosting family and friends, it’s my way of sharing my love with people, I love the reaction of people everytime I share my food, just giving someone the joy of fulfilment”. She explained to our reporter.

Hazel says her interest in food grew as a child “Growing up I used to be selective of food, I could not eat some foods because of lack of taste and flavour, and from that experience I decided to start experimenting with my everyday food, finding ways on twisting the food and adding more flavour while retaining all the necessary nutrients into our bodies”.

As a self taught chef, Hazel has worked with Lingawine, Johnnies sausages and chris samosas in showing consumers how they can enjoy their products.
She recently won the Malawi 56TH Independence Day celebration competition by NICO as a runner up after cocos in the food category.

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She says her inspirations comes from different cookbooks new and old, Hazel also watch alot of cooking shows, just learning and observing how other cultures enjoy their food and how she can incooperate that in our malawian food.

Hazel told our reporter that her goal is to celebrate malawian food just adding a little twist to it, and reminding her fellow malawians on the benefits of a balanced diet. I want to share different ways of how we can prepare different malawian food that includes,  sharing how else nsima can be prepared (other ingredients that can be added to it to add more flavour). I will be sharing Kitchen tips that are very important in our daily routines in the kitchen (what we need to do and not to do).

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