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Here is what Onesimus thinks about ‘PERSONAL HYGIENE FOR MEN’

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by 265 Entertainment Magazine
Onesimus talks on Men hygiene

African butter has recently put his effort on sensitizing men on Personal hygiene. Here are the points he pinned on some of the principles that men can follow in order to achieve personal healthy and happiness. Onesimus thinks since Our women have been complaining for so long,  now and it’s time to take serious action. Here check it out.

( part 2 “the end game” )
and areas surrounding the AK47. Don’t rush to put it back after peeing, make sure you wipe it and that there’s no drops of urine as you place it back where it belongs. A clean gun ( Penis ) reduces the breeding of bacteria around the weapon storage facility and helps to prevent tinea cruris also known as a fungal infection.
smelly feet is a serious issue amongst most men. Gentlemen it’s a must to always wear clean socks, “your stinky feet makes people surrounding you feel uncomfortable”. Stop going to bed without cleaning your feet, otherwise that bedroom will start to smell like a pig house.
You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to a certain club in order to stay fit. How about you start with a morning jog ?, living room or balcony sit-ups ?, most men come up with an excuse “I don’t have money for gym” or “I am busy making money” whilst boycotting fitness training. Exercise doesn’t only help you look good but it also boost your testosterone, mental health and it’s a best way to start your beautiful day.
As most of you already know that the body is composed of 60 % of water and it’s very important to consider this routine as a way of maintaining the balance of body fluids. I know you love soda and fizzy drinks but try to add 2litres of water everyday for two to three weeks and see how your body odour will decrease drastically. Not everything needs prayer, you just have to start taking action and live a healthy life.
Finally I want to say hello to all my fellow gents who are always looking like ash trey 🤣, your skin has been begging God to give it strength due to incomplete supply of lotion. imagine a walking “scone bread with a flour finish” ( Bin laden ) aka chintuwisa 🤣, Brothers let’s look after our dry skin and treat it accordingly.
“Our women have been complaining for two long now and it’s time to take serious action”
Yours truly
African butter , Mr nobody.

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