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Is Tygrin really worth 10 Million Kwacha for stage performance?

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In a country like Malawi where musicians struggle to put stable prices for their stage performances. Only Tygrin the Nyau King is not bothered when it comes to charging for stage performance.

At least by now everyone knows that Grin demands K10 million for him to leave the comfort of his home and appear on stage at your event.

This is a figure that many seem not to be comfortable with in Malawi saying its too much. But the question is, is Tygrin really worth it? Does he really deserve a whooping sum of 10 Mita just to entertain your audience?

I really think there is no limits in putting a price tag to your services. And for a fact Grin is really the Man. That the figure mentioned above needs not to scare you in any way.

This year 2022 we have seen a lot of international artist flocking to Malawi and getting amounts ranging from 25-50 Million just to perform on stage excluding other cost as accommodation and the likes.

So why should we not think the same of our own. To say the truth we all know that Grin is the Malawian export for sure he is international and 10 Mita for local performances is even fair. At the same time before your talks, you should make an effort to check him out on what he does on stage.

Before I conclude, I also must tell you that, for these musicians to perform there is a lot of preparations that goes down just to make that event colourful. And all that, needs money we are not talking of Tambalas here.

And of you think someone is expensive for your budget, please try out those that fall within your range.

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