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Jolly Bro disses Martse, Mikozi and all other social media critics

by 265 Entertainment Magazine
Jolly Bro, Martse, Ekcess

Jolly Bro commonly known as JB has been busy on Facebook throwing Jabs  on everyone coming to critics him on social media. The Veteran rapper who bumped into fame long way back 2010 – 2012. Where he was known for putting up hardcore rap together with Fredokiss and the Dare Devils. And was known for indulging into beef with Taygrin, Phyzix and many others.

Meanwhile his social media stunts probably a comeback, or just a way to create a fuss as some people puts it.  That the rapper is trying to promote a song “Ghetto ndi Iyhi” he promised  to drop. JB recently was  poking Ekcess of Mikozi in the nose.  An action which him described as protecting his intellectual property.  We are not yet sure of the background events that resulted into the misunderstanding.

After that The rapper moved on to Martse Claiming that he is the one who introduced the term “Too Ghetto, Too Gatta” and that Martse uses it without paying homage to the one who introduced him to the famous term that has been used for years by the rapper Martse. Despite the social media frenzy that these social media stunts have created it looks Jolly bro is not getting any responses on the matter. A reaction which he has staged as fear, saying they are all afraid of him because to him they are nothing.

His actions has genuinely incited the use of vulgar language which other puts as a barbaric act and outdated, promo package for this age.  Meanwhile despite the negativity that comes with his Gangster approach . There is proof that its yielding for the past week we have seen the awakening to JB is fan base with many asking for his comeback as well as requesting more music from the OG.

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