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K2B block paints a gloomy picture of struggle; hard work is overrated.

by Wasema Jr
k2b block

If you can make it in Malawi, hustlers say; you can make it even in hell. In Malawi, struggle is real. Only a handful number of people, most of them, swindlers of public funds, are enjoying the pleasures of this world. Most of us, including K2B block guys, are languishing. Toiling everyday to make ends meet, but to no avail.

‘Sizikuyenda’ song, produced by BFB, features Gwamba, self acclaimed Chichewa hiphop landlord, and reinforces the notion that at times, hard work does not pay. If it paid, all hard workers would have been successful by now.

“Ndayesesa…koma sizikuyenda,” goes the chorus in part, stressing that the guy has tried almost everything, but nothing tangible is happening.

This reminds of some peasant farmers in the villages. They till the land every year, bending their spines in a quest to make fortunes, and improve their lives, but alas! Sizikuyenda.

‘Musandione ndikusinthira galimoto…sizikuyenda,’ whines K2B. he stresses that even people we see driving cars, living in mansions, things ain’t working for them. It’s a gamble. Life is a struggle.

Premiered by Joy Nathu on radio 2 on Monday, the song can be rated average. The concept is good. It depicts real life experiences. The production is good aswell. However, there are some areas of improvements that can be looked into.

The song sounds childish. It didn’t consider a demographic audience. Focused on the new school, maybe. Otherwise, the message required that they took a different approach in putting it across. As it is, it may have a very short lifespan.

Also, some lyrics were very useless. Not logical and systematic. They can do better.

That said, the song is good, in context.

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