by Harold Kapindu
Queen Elizabeth II

Malawi and the rest of the world on Monday, 19 September bid farewell to the longest reigning monarch in British history and Australia, New Zealand as well as Canada’s head of state Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday, 8 September 2022.

Among other things, Queen Elizabeth II whose real name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was a fashion icon whose influence in the fashion industry cannot be overemphasized.

Although her style had changed from teen to old age, she had been consistent in her wardrobe.

In her early years as a princess, Time Magazine recently reported that the young Elizabeth favored clean and polished silhouettes with a nipped-in waist, a style that reflected the time, especially for war-torn and post-war England.

At 96 years old, she was still stylish and had great taste of fashion.

Firstly, the late mornarch loved umbrellas that were made to match her outfits. The Queen apparently owned approximately 100 umbrellas in every color of the rainbow which were custom made by her dresser, Angela Kelly and Fulton to coordinate with her outfits.

Unlike most rich and famous public figures, Queen Elizabeth II worn the same brand of shoes for decades until her death. She wore Anello & Davide shoe brand and had an entire team of people who made each pair to her measurements.

Queen Elizabeth II also dressed in bright colors to stand out. She seek attention just like any Malawian woman in society.

She also always carried a special handbag. She favored the aptly named “Royale” ($3,205), the “Turandot” ($3,215) and the “Traviata” ($2,830) from luxury handbag brand Launer, which has carried a royal warrant since 1968, according to Page Six Style.

The late Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen in trousers unlike other younger royals namely Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. It has been reported that she was photographed wearing trousers in public fewer than 10 times in the last 70.

Finally, she loved a good headscarf. According to Page Six Style, a silk scarf was Queen Elizabeth’s version of a casual hat, and she frequently wore one at more laid-back occasions like the Royal Windsor Horse Show, or while riding horses and driving her beloved Land Rover while off-duty.

From dresses, hats, handbags, shoes, headscarfs, choice of bright colors to not being a fan of trousers, Queen Elizabeth II truly defined her legacy in fashion.

Her visit in 1979 influenced and changed fashion in Malawi.

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