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Model Bridget shares 2019 World Miss University experience

by Harold Kapindu

21 year old Bridget Bree Matamula deserves the ‘supermodel’ title if achievements and passion is anything to go by.

In 2019, this Lilongwe based blossoming model represented Malawi at the World Miss University pageant in South Korea.

Bree managed to be in the top 10, coming on position 6 and scooping other awards including the Miss Friendship (personality) award.

“It was an amazing experience as there were 42 other countries. I got to meet different types of people from all over the world,” she recalls.

If that is not enough, commercially, Bridget Matamula was the face of Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, and currently she is the Brand Ambassador for Sigelege Lake resort.

So far, she has participated in alot of events such as World Miss University, Miss LUANAR, Miss Green and Gold, African Fashion and Arts Festival, WAFE,SHALEX’s show and African party show.

Bree further calls upon fellow models, designers, event organizers, photographers and all stakeholders in the fashion industry to work hard and put In much effort.

“In other countries, government and different organisations sponsor the fashion industry while here its another story. Government and NGOs should also sponsor our fashion industry,” she appeals.

On other challenges facing modelling, she adds, “Low pay-crients usually want to pay less not knowing how much effort we put in to be a successful model. Being labelled as immorality by society, saying modelling is associated with bad image from the society. Others even go as far as expecting models to be sex toys and easy targets.

“Even organizers themselves, they are in the forefront exploiting models sexually. Some people who have passion for fashion tend to avoid modelling to avoid being looked on as sex toys and cheap people.”

Bree started modelling in 2017 and looks up to Beyonce and Cecelia Khofi as her role models.

She explains, “Beyonce knows what she is doing. She is just too much in a good way. Locally, I admire Cecilia Khofi. She is humble.”


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