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by 265 Entertainment Magazine
265 Entertainment is a popular entertainment company founded in 2014.  With the aim to provide a platform for Malawi music,  Movies  and entertainment to reach amplified standards. It started as a Facebook page where people used to get entertainment news , music, Gossip,  rap battle and tips on music back in 2014. The found, Brian Mtimaukanena is visionary and desires to take the local entertainment scene to a whole different level. Where Malawians and the national at large can be proud that we have taken an extra step into a shape where creativity is appreciated and is able to pay those who work tirelessly day and night to achieve success. 

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265 ENT MAG is an entertainment, lifestyle and business magazine. The Magazines primary goal and continuing mandate is to highlight and share with its leaders and target audience the growing number of accomplishments and success stories by celebrities and top public figures in the country.  265 ENT MAG and its team generally recognizes that success is merely
an outcome of hard work, dedication to a cause, collective energy and mainly a time conscious sacrifice. This act of
hardworking, focus and persistence mainly should be recognized, promoted and awarded in every society. This Magazine
brings into the limelight youth who are continually achieving success in there area of professional enterprise, small and medium business ventures in entertainment, arts, fashion, culture, healthy, finance, tourism, education, politics and community service. This in-turn continues to improve and uplift the living standards in families and communities all around Malawi, with special emphasis to many underprivileged youth.

Therefore the coming in of 265 ENT MAG as lifestyle, entertainment and business magazine as timely and dedicated platform and forum for highlighting, promoting and recognizing contributions of youth in various professionals. Business economic and social sub sectors. The Magazine will also serve as an effective platform for migrating best practices, sharing and learning from one another as well as providing additional features That point to the all important aspects of
mental healthy and fitness, beauty and fashion, Peace and relaxation, entertainment, personal and family relationships.

The Magazine also highlights important social and professional characters from and on behalf of the target audiences, unique recognition and inclusiveness will be key assets to 265 ENT’S business and editorial philosophy.
The initial forms and target audience is the Malawi market. Recognizing however that Malawi is increasingly a
growing market in the global arena. The Magazine will also seek  opportunities to highlight the success of Malawi youth in the appropriate forums of the Global arena and will also facilitate and seek forums for youth from elsewhere to use the
Magazine to showcase their contributions and success stories in there communities.

Thus 265 ENT MAG initially a domestic player has a vision to become a premier entertainment world Magazine. To
compete on both local and international markets.


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